Problems with Drivers or Delivery Personnel’s  

When starting a Water Refilling Station (WRS) in the Philippines, it’s very important to think about the drivers or delivery Personnel’s. In this business, the drivers are the ones who talk to the customers the most. Surprisingly, a driver you hire can bring you up to 200 new customers. But if that driver leaves/resigns those 200 customers might leave as well and switch to another water provider. This happens because customers trust the drivers they know. Without a good system to keep track of customers, it’s hard to keep them loyal to your WRS. 

Losing a driver or hiring a new one is always challenging. New drivers might quit within a week because they struggle to learn the delivery routes. However, we can’t afford long or missed deliveries as it upsets customers. To address this, we developed the Ka-Tubig On-The-Move app. This app helps drivers who are unfamiliar with customers’ houses by navigating them from their current location to the customers’ location, just like Google Maps. With proper records and GPS, drivers can easily find customers’ homes, even if they move to new areas. 

The Ka-Tubig Store Management app also helps WRS owners keep customer records. This means that even if a driver leaves, customers stay loyal to the WRS. It prevents drivers from taking customers with them when they leave. 

Finding good drivers is hard. Once you find one, they need to know the delivery routes well. But if they leave, all the time invested on training them is wasted. That’s why it’s important to have a system that helps new drivers learn quickly. 

Another problem is costs. Sometimes drivers might be dishonest about payments from customers. A driver might say a customer didn’t pay when they did, or say they paid less than they actually did. This makes it hard for WRS owners to know who to trust. But with the Ka-Tubig Store Management app, all transactions are recorded, making it easier to manage and reducing mistakes and dishonesty. 

Good relationships with customers are also important. When customers know their deliveries are on time and reliable, they stay loyal to your WRS. This helps grow the business. 

In summary, one of the biggest problems for a WRS business in the Philippines is managing drivers or delivery personnels. They play a vital role to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. WRS owners can manage drivers better with tools like the Ka-Tubig On-The-Move system and the store management app. These tools help ensure timely deliveries, protect customer information, and make payment collection easier. This way, WRS owners can focus more on growing the business and less on driver management problems. 

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