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Ka Tubig
Ka Tubig

What is Ka-tubig?

Ka-tubig is a solution created to efficiently manage both the water business industry and its customers within the community. It comprises a suite of applications designed to provide a top-notch water community experience.

Community Problem

We understand how poor communication between water supliers and businesses often result in havoc with supply chains. These disruptions often lead to the following,

Unable To Track Order

Without a reliable tracking system, we understand customers may experience delays or errors in getting their water deliveries or services

WRS Locations

Lack of awareness about accredited water station locations can hinder access to clean water and safe drinking water, particularly in areas with limited infrastructure.

Delay in Payments

We know some customers may have trouble paying water bills on time but unpaid bills can strain the water company’s finances, leading to disruptions.

Community Apps

Ka Tubig

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